girl's camp lessons

stick whittling starts uncool but is catching

12-18 year olds have way more energy than 25 year olds

girls can be just as messing...and stinky...as boys

sometimes you just have to put your feet up on a stump

the green valley ward young women are A.MAZE.ING!!!!!!!!

p.s. last lesson learned: if you try to drive home after 10 hours of sleep over 3 nights you might play bumper cars with another car...yep, i did that (no picture included...no one was hurt...except my pride)


girls' room before and after

The girls' room is finally done!!







There are two very lucky, happy girls at our house :)


Abby's first lie

This was Abby's first out right lie.

I was somewhat disappointed but mostly I just found this hilarious.

Me: Abby, who ate the chocolate bar?

Abby: Hannah did it. She took it down stairs and ate it all.

Me: "If Hannah ate it, why are you the one with brown stuff all around your mouth and chocolate on your breathe?

Abby: Hannah made me eat it. I didn't want to, but she made me!

Since that was an inconceivable answer, even Abby knew she was cooked and quickly confessed.
I don't think I need to worry about her becoming a poker player or a politician. :)



I think easter is my favorite holiday

Here's to pretty girls in pretty dresses

an unexpected consequence

When I procrastinated preparing a talk for church until the last minute, I knew there could be consequences, but I did not expect this...

...it's toilet bowl cleaner with bleach... Hannah thought it was more appropriate for couch cushions. I was too distracted with my talk and noticed her interest in the cleaner too late.

It's a good thing these cushion covers are reversible, or I might only have one living child at this point. (It's also a good thing she fed the bleach to the couch and not herself, or I really would only have 1 child!)

Side note: I am starting the first day of potty training this bleach-loving renegade today...
...here's hoping!!!


the budding of hope

If people who grow plants well are known as green thumbs, I've always considered myself a black thumb. I seem to curse any plant I try to care for. I love tulips so last fall I slaved away picking at rock hard dirt to plant some bulbs. I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I saw these beauties popping out of the ground!

I actually grew something! This has given me hope and I am now trying to grow indoor ferns and cooking spices....here's hoping!

(any tips on tulip care would be much appreciated...so I don't kill them...they're way too young to die)


all things fancy

Last night we payed homage to Abby's greatest idol: Fancy Nancy
If Nancy were a real person, she would be Abby
I've tried to "un-girlie" her, but it just won't take, so last night we embraced it!

First we made a very fancy poster advertising the events to come

Here's a shot of our instructor decked out in her finest...
...she'd dress like this 24/7 if I let her.

Next came instructions on all things fancy

(plain vs. fancy)

(the appropriate use of accessories)

(the proper way to ascend and descend a staircase)

(Dad was best at this)

(tinkies up!)

Abby then dressed us up...aren't we posh
(that's a fancy word for fancy)
Now that we were properly attired, we tried out our new found fancy skills at the very exclusive restaurante: Freddy's Steakburgers and Custard

Sunglasses must be worn inside so our fans do not recognize us

Tinkies up!

And of course it wouldn't be a Fancy Nancy night without ending it with parfaits.

Au Revoir!